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Alarming Health Realities...

  • In 20 years, the elderly will outnumber the youth by a ratio 4:1
  • Aging workforce is the biggest economic challenge over the next decades
  • Heart disease is the number one cause of mortality in the Philippines
  • Medical inflation hits nosebleed levels, 3-4 times economic inflation
  • Cost of medicines in the Philippines is 600% higher than our neighboring Asian countries
  • Health conditions in the Philippines remain among the poorest in East Asia
  • More and more people die not because of no doctor or no medicine but because of money
Short Term Healthcare
Long Term Healthcare
Renewal not guaranteed if with high claims Renewal is guaranteed
Yearly increase of premium Fixed premiums for 7 years
Generally, no insurance coverage some provide insurance, but very low coverage With Four (4) Way Insurance Coverage up to the Long Term healthcare Plan:
  • Term Life
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Waiver of Installment due to death
  • Waiver of Installment due to Permanent and Total Disability
No accumulation of unused health fund All unused health fund accumulates with interest
No return of premiums (ROP) for non-utilization With returns of premiums up to the contract price for non-utilization during the paying period
Covers only up to age 60 Covers beyond age 60 with long term care yields *
Pre-existing illness is not covered during the 1st year and lifetime / permanent exclusions may be issued on the 2nd year onwards Pre-existing is not covered during accumulation period. No exclusions after the 7th year of coverage *
Inflexible, non-transferable benefit design Flexible, transferable, and may be redated benefit design
Reinstallment is limited only within 30 days of lapsed policy Reinstallment within 2 years of lapsed policy
Access to non-accredited physicians and medical network is not covered Access to non-accredited physicians and medical network is covered after the 7th year
Out-patient medicines and cosmetic treatments not covered Out-patient medicines and all illness including cosmetic and maternity are covered after the 7th year *
Continuous yearly payment terms Seven (7) years or spot-cash payment options
Anxious, worrisome and insecure healthcare status after employment or during retirement years No worries...