Long-Term Care

The Ultimate Kaiser Health Builder Plan allows the member to put away a small amount of money while he is still covered by his company's health plan, and while he has the earning capacity that allows him to set aside money. When he no longer has a job- and it follows, is no longer earn, he can now call on the savings his Kaiser Plan has earned him, and use that to pay for his medical expenses. In a country where "family" is a value, more than 50% of parents end up relying on their children or other relatives to support them in their old age. While HMO's provide the financing for medical and health concerns while a persons is employed, this support disappears once one quits, is in between jobs, or is too old or sick to work. Just at the point when one is most in need, Premium Healthcare Builder, Inc. Has created a product that addresses the long-term healthcare needs of individuals especially after their employment and retirement years. It grants financial independence to people who are normally helpless during the time when they most need medical attention.

Kaiser Ultimate Health Builder

The Ultimate Kaiser Health Builder Plan is a healthcare plan that allows one to control his own health and provide for his own future.

Kaiser International Healthgroup, Inc. is an actuarially-sound, product-based business. It brings together the best features of an HMO, Health Savings Plan, and a financial investment.

  • An innovative program, the first of it's kind in the country;
  • Guarantees long-term care even after the age of sixty when the client has only himself to rely on;
  • Healthcare coverage, savings, emergency fund, and insurance rolled into one;
  • An accumulative, self-earning investment that comes with Return of Payment for non-utilization in the first seven (7) years of coverage;
  • A portable account! Even if you change or lose jobs, your plan and funds stay with you;
  • A four-way insurance coverage:
    1. Term Life
    2. Accidental death and dismemberment
    3. Waiver of installment due to death
    4. Waiver of installment due to permanent and total disability;
  • Outpatient benefits, annual physical examinations and dental coverage;
  • Coverage is for individuals but can be installed in companies as a health savings salary deduction program;
  • No exclusions from 6th year onward;
  • Flexible, transferable and upgradeable;
  • Annual lifetime healthcare benefits at age 60 and up;
  • Payable in 7 years only with fixed rates for the entire paying period;
  • Issue age up to 60, but coverability extends after 60; and,
  • Reinstatement can be done within 2 years after lapsed policy.

Major Benefits

Over 500 Accredited Hospitals, Hospital's Intensive Care Unit and Operating Room

Over 1,000 accredited Physicians / Specialists / Surgeons / Anesthesiologists

Free Chest X-ray Stool and Urine Analysis Complete Blood Count Electrocardiogram (for 35 yrs. old and above)

The Annual Physical Examination is deductable from your Total Health Benefit during the extended period.

Free unlimited dental check-ups once a year free dental prophylaxis, free simple tooth extraction

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Nuclear/Radioactive Isotope Scan, CT Scan, Dialysis, Blood Transfusion, Chemotherapy, and Radiotherapy, Physical/Speech Therapy, Anti-Rabies, Venom and Tetanus Vaccine, Emergency Benefits (Ambulance)

A guaranteed benefit which you can use after 15 years, whatever sickness you have or you can also use it at age 65 onwards...

A 10% yearly accumulation based on the long term care benefit starting on the 6th year up to the 15th year

If no claim was made during the Accumulation period all premiums paid will be given back on the 15th year, making it COST FREE

Lifetime access to over 1,000 doctors, over 500 hospitals as long us you have funds available in your health benefits

If the policy owner dies during paying and accumulation period the beneficiary will receive an amount equal to Long Care Benefit

If the policy owner becomes totally and permanently disabled for a period of six months (before age 65 years and 6 months) during the accumulation period. all the succeeding payments will be waived

If the policy owner dies due to an accident before age 65 and 6 months, or suffers from dismemberment of both hands, both feet or loss of sight in both eyes (or any combination thereof) before age 65 and 6 months during the paying period, the nominee will receive equal to 200% of the Long Term Care Benefit

If the policy owner dies during the accumulation period, the balance of premiums is waived, rendering the plan fully paid